Building Solid Team Foundations

Every Winning Team is built upon solid team foundations.

This is an often overlooked step in the process of developing a business team that will continue to deliver the desired winning performance.

Teams are frequently assembled in a hurry due to operational pressures, and rarely is the time taken to revisit the fundamentals of a successful team to ensure that the barriers to successful performance are eliminated at source.

So whether you are about to assemble a new team, or are responsible for a current team that isn't performing to the desired levels, we recommend that you consider the following 9 point checklist and then devote some time to building solid team foundations.

The 9 Point Checklist

Team Charter

  1. Purpose, Meaning & Vision

  2. Values & Behaviours

  3. Roles & Structure
    • It is imperative that each team member has a clearly defined role within the team, and that the roles are combined within a team structure that provides clear direction but maintains enough flexibility to allow optimum performance to be realised

  4. Goals, Measures & Responsibilities
    • Every team will be set targets, but the real skill in developing a Winning Team is to ensure that the team is totally focused on the most critical elements of team performance and that each team member totally understands their role and contribution to overall team success
    • To explore in more detail follow this link

  5. Situational Team Development & Accountability
    • A successful team leader has the capability to adjust their leadership style in response to which stage of the team development cycle their team is currently experiencing
    • To explore in more detail follow this link

  6. Communication Strategies

  7. Resources
    • A team cannot perform to its' full potential if the appropriate resources are not made available. If resources are restricted in any way then appropriate prioritisation and budgeting processes must be established

  8. Empowerment
    • A Winning Team will contain fully empowered team members. If the first seven steps of the team foundations process have been completed successfully then energy needs to be invested in creating a team environment that encourages personal responsibility and accountability. Understanding the individual drivers of each team member through profiling and behavioural analysis will enable the team leader to support everyone individually to maximise their contribution to team success

  9. Appreciation & Recognition
    • It is critical that the team develops a positively oriented, supportive environment if winning performance is to be sustained over the long term. People thrive when their efforts are fully appreciated, and everyone loves to be recognised for their successes. There are many strategies that can be considered but the key issue that cannot be ignored is that judgment, criticism or indifference generates negativity which is detrimental to high performance. Get into the habit of spotting and recognising every success and using every failure or mistake as an opportunity to redefine what the team really wants. Keeping the team's attention on what is really wanted creates an inspirational environment where true potential can be realised

Only once you have the Team Foundations established can you really Focus on Winning. Click this link to discover more.

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