Winning Teams Pit Crew


Team Principal - Johnny Frankland

Focusing on the critical performance questions:

  • What is your vision of Ultimate Performance in your organisation?
  • What is the Winning Performance your teams must deliver?
  • Are you currently monitoring the critical measures that most impact your team's performance?
  • Where can performance be rapidly improved?
  • Do your teams operate in complete alignment?
  • How well integrated are the teams or functions within your organisation?
  • Are your teams contributing successfully to an environment of continuous improvement?
  • How can you realise a tangible return on any investment in performance improvement in very short timescales?

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Executive Team

Neil Donnelly

Neil Donnelly - Business Development

  • Mentor heads of sales and provide interim sales management
  • Coach sales managers to drive change
  • Audit sales process & deliver recommendations
  • Design & build sales management tools tailored to the needs of the business
  • Workshops to sell the tools to the sales organisation
  • Develop behaviours and sales skills as identified in the audit

Visit Neil's Website - Conexus International

Jason Footman

Jason Footman - Commercial Finance and Change Management

  • Savings delivered in excess of £1billion
    • Turning strategy into detailed business plans
    • Investment appraisals and business case production
    • Change management
    • Benefit qualification and delivery
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Project planning and management
    • Project management framework implementation
    • Product and customer profitability improvement
    • Forecasting and scenario-modelling
    • Cost driver identification and cost reduction initiatives
    • Process mapping and improvement
    • ICT data and telecommunications infrastructure reviews for multi-site organisations in order to improve service and reduce costs

Visit Jason's Website - TSI Solutions

Alistair Lobo

Alistair Lobo - Business Purpose, Vision & Values Specialist

  • Alistair delivers People Performance and Effective Communication skills!
  • Until 4 years ago Alistair was a Project Manager for the BBC & Siemens helping to successfully deliver several IT Media projects valued between £95M and £250M
  • Alistair built a reputation for turning around large faltering projects to successful delivery; he credits much of the incredible results he achieved to the Effective Communication skills he learned and applied, including NLP, Hypnotherapy and various Advanced Communication and Leadership skills
  • Alistair has personally coached several CEOs in NYSE & FTSE top 100 listed companies as well as several Anthony Robbins trainers. His Mindset coaching clients include the current British Kung Fu Champion who he has coached for 4 years since his first competition to now being the world champion silver medalist
  • Alistair has run numerous workshops for organizations on ‘effective communication and universal principles’ including ‘Purpose and Values alignment’ where he has guided several organisations and teams to establish an inspiring purpose and a compelling mission

Visit Alistair's Website - Certain Progress

Pit Crew Members (In Alphabetical Order)

Richard Bellars

Richard Bellars - Transformational Leadership Coach

  • Respected for his intuitive, generative and inclusive approach, he works chiefly in developing leaders and high achievers with a focus on:
    • Authentic leadership - acknowledge and develop one's responsibility to impact and influence by "who you are"
    • Diversity and inclusion - recognise everyone has unique value (and values) to contribute and engage it
    • Individual excellence - match performance to potential and exceed expectations
    • Empowering communication - know how to engage and relate consistently with oneself and others for better results
    • Awareness - learn the first step to transformation trust - value and develop the foundations to all the above

Visit Richard's Website - Inner Action

Nigel Clements

Nigel Clements - Systems Thinking & Continuous Improvement Specialist

  • Over 20 years of experience delivering practical changes that can be applied immediately to deliver better performance:
  • His consulting philosophy lies in the work of Dr W Edwards Deming
    • Identifying process purpose
    • Understanding customer value
    • Developing better measures, better analysis & better use of performance data
    • Experimenting for improvements
    • Reducing waste
    • Evidencing real benefits
    • Most importantly, enabling people to become excited about and taking control of the work that they do

Visit Nigel's Website - Prism Consultancy

Steve Colegate

Steve Colegate - Performance & Innovation Expert

  • Steve brings performance improvement and systematic innovation to you and to your team so that:
    • Your people achieve more in less time with less supervision
    • It’s your people who are your advantage rather than the tools/technology that they use
    • Your leaders spend more time leading than managing, taking responsibility for their own development and performance improvement
    • Your experts can transition to become valuable and effective leaders where appropriate

Visit Steve's Website - Relish People

Pauline Crawford

Pauline Crawford - Behaviour and Gender Dynamics Expert

  • She works with top teams, board level executives, managers and whole organizations with a focus on:
    • Balanced Leadership – valuing the masculine and feminine in every individual, combining physicality, emotional intelligence and mindset to expand natural confidence in performance both singularly and within a winning team
    • Talent Enhancement – enabling each player to uncover their natural preferences, gender dynamic skills and natural passion through awareness of their self value
    • Rapport Skills– ensuring the growth of great relationships for clients and colleagues, team players and consumers
    • Communication Impact – increasing the personal confidence and presence of men and women to leverage their health, energy and self expression
    • Culture Transformation – for the whole organization starting with an online Wellness Survey and Engagement Cascade

Visit Pauline's Website - Gender Dynamics

Visit Pauline's Website - Corporate Heart

Gabi Glover

Gabi Glover - Positive Change Specialist

Gabi has a powerful passion for working with people and her contagious energy, enthusiasm and tenacious commitment to results always generate and maintain the desired positive changes.

Utilising facilitation skills in various forms such as coaching, training, improving efficiency and strategic change work, her primary emphasis is given to changing attitudes, behaviours and mindset.

Gabi works at all levels of management, with specific focus given to project management and business development, and she has a healthy track record of sustained improvement in operations, processes and systems.

As an International Business graduate and NLP Master Practitioner, Gabi has built her expertise rapidly by working in a wide variety of corporate settings including:

  • Working hand-in-hand with IBM & PA Consulting to facilitate the migration of Bentley Motors Limited over to the VW Group
    • Strategic change, systems and process improvement and internal auditing
  • Edexcel, Pearson Group, London Ambulance Service and British Red Cross
    • Developed bespoke qualifications and business development activities
  • Working with GlaxoSmithKline Kline (Research and Development Greenford) training department

Trevor Grantham

Trevor Grantham - Business Leadership Specialist

  • Business Improvement through:
    • Effective Leadership that gains real commitment from staff
    • Good management practices
    • Good management processes
    • Empowered employees really committed to team priorities
    • Employee as well as customer satisfaction

Visit Trevor's Website - Connected Thinking

Dave Harris

Dave Harris - Leadership Training and Team Building

  • Dave is an internationally acclaimed trainer, speaker and coach. He has over 29 years experience in the corporate domain with focus on leadership, experiential learning and high performing teams:
    • Equine Guided Training and Development – learning with horses to achieve profound, integrated learning in leadership and team excellence
    • Charismatic Leadership – Being your best for yourself and your team. Knowing how to be firm on issues and maintain effective relationships
    • Effective Communications – Knowing how to engage with your chosen audience in a way they can understand
    • Leadership Coaching – Working with leaders to engage in their own unique leadership style

Visit Dave's Website - Acorns2Oaks

Martin Howe

Martin Howe - Customer Service Excellence Specialist

  • More than 25 years experience in the Customer Service sector:
    • Implementer of Customer First UK Programmes
    • Facilitator of the WOW! Awards
      • Customer nominated employee recognition scheme
    • Customer service consultancy & training
    • Public speaker
      • CIPD & other UK conferences

Bay Jordan

Bay Jordan - Business Transformation Consultant

  • More than 25 years experience in:
    • Visioning and strategy
    • Facilitating effective change, including turning around uncooperative people
    • Situational analysis and problem solving
    • Systemic and process improvement
    • Facilitating improved decision making
    • Improving employee engagement and optimising effectiveness of people

Visit Bay's Website - Zealise

Emma Langman

Emma Langman - Change Facilitator

  • Pragmatist:
    • Absolutely passionate about knowledge and skills transfer to clients
    • Translates the theory into practical, jargon-free language
    • Gets to the heart of things with a robust and challenging, yet warm and friendly, style
    • Famous for engaging 'difficult' people in change and creating a 'buzz'
  • Activist:
    • Specialises in group learning (from 2 to 200 people)
    • Helps clients to tackle complicated, 'impossible' problems
    • Great at making waste and savings visible - and achievable
    • Known for her energy, empathy and enthusiasm
  • Theorist:
    • Visiting Fellow at the University of Bristol's Engineering Systems Doctorate Centre
    • Research Member of the Systems Leadership and Learning Research Group
    • Active member of SCiO (Systems and Cybernetics in Organisations)
    • PhD in Systems Approaches, Performance Management & Asset Management
  • Reflector:
    • Skills in data analysis (e.g. Statistical Process Capability)
    • Able to baseline and quantify savings and improvements
    • Strong, empathetic, 'sounding board' for clients' frustrations and ideas
    • Enjoys giving people a 'jolly good listening to', to help them engage in change

Visit Emma's Website - Progression Partnership

Bruce Lewin

Bruce Lewin - Business Relationships Specialist

  • Four Groups has developed a new diagnostic and predictive profiling tool called 4G
    • To improve understanding of behaviours, relationships and culture within organisations
    • To target specific improvements in personal and team effectiveness
    • To measurably improve performance where it is needed most through proactive relationship management

Visit Bruce's Website - Four Groups

Wendy MB

Wendy Makepeace-Browne - Personal Change Catalyst

  • Wendy is intuitive, professional and passionate in her approach to helping people overcome the barriers to their success whether that is in the personal or professional life
  • When you work with Wendy you will:
    • Understand how you really work and what you really want
    • Be completely listened to and fully focused upon
    • Appreciate your true value
    • Start to ‘make everyday count’

Visit Wendy's Website - Relish People

Philip Rose

Philip Rose - Business Strategy & Growth

  • Vision creation and realisation – helping companies focus on what they really want to achieve
  • Strategic and business planning – helping companies plan for their future
  • Business growth planning – delivering simple growth tools for business
  • Project management – using planning to get it right first time
  • Business process improvement – designed to support the strategy
  • Management development training – often overlooked by companies as they grow to deliver their strategy
  • Group facilitation – keeping things on track to deliver key objectives
  • Team building – developing the group into a team to deliver the strategy

Visit Philip's Website - Malabar Consulting

Daniel Stane

Daniel Stane - Leadership Behaviour Improvement Specialist

  • Daniel is an experienced international facilitator, coach and consultant specialising in sustainable and measurable, ROI-linked performance improvement among high-potential middle and senior managers. His track record includes working with leading global companies such as British Airways, Diageo, Microsoft and Philips through programmes focused on:
    • Emotional intelligence/Leadership
    • Leveraging diversity and creating inclusive cultures
    • Transformational leadership
    • Behavioural & performance coaching
    • Change management
    • Authentic and effective communication
    • '10 Min' coaching skills for time-pressed managers

Visit Daniel's Website - Emotional Acumen

Peter Westbrook

Peter Westbrook - Experienced Management Consultant

  • Peter's specialisms include:
    • Independent facilitator of management teams or cross organisational project teams
    • Change management
    • EFQM Excellence Model
    • Developing KPIs, The Balanced Scorecard
    • Statistical Measurement and its use in monitoring and improving performance
    • Process improvement including re-organising, mapping, measuring, ownership etc
    • Problem Solving and associated techniques including six sigma
    • Strategic business improvement initiatives
    • Mapping relationships and communications to improve business performance

Visit Peter's Website - Key Performance

Mark Wing

Mark Wing - Brand Strategy Specialist

  • Brand strategy - defining the winning team vision, strategy, promise and/or compelling proposition
  • Marketing & Communications - planning winning team communications sensitively, for each audience group and each delivery channel
  • Design Management - bringing to life the winning team experience, for the benefit of all stakeholders
  • Leadership & Implementation - mentoring, training and leading winning teams to achieve optimum results by living out their promise

Visit Mark's Website - MarqueWing

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