F1 Performance Programme

Our F1 Performance Programme has the capability to take your business to the next level of performance in less than six months.

The programme structure is based upon the Four Key Principles of F1 Performance with each client programme being tailored to align with the prioritised performance needs derived from the 3 Coordinates Process which is our proven approach to plotting the most desirable Performance Journey for each individual client.

Performance Horizon

Programme Structure

Each programme follows a similar structure but emphasis is given to the areas that will release the greatest measurable performance improvement in the shortest possible timescales.

The four key elements of each programme are:

  1. FOCUS - Galvanise your organisation (or teams) around the winning performance that must be delivered within the next 12 to 36 months

  2. ALIGNMENT - Ensure that the entire organisation (or teams) is pointing in the same direction, towards your desired key performance goals

  3. INTEGRATION - Get varying teams, functions and partners to work in harmony in support of specific target achievement

  4. INNOVATION - Reinforce a culture of continuous improvement, so everyone contributes to ongoing performance improvement


We will challenge you to establish a clear focus for the immediate future of your organisation, and to prioritise a critical aspect of your performance for measurable improvement.

This will set the context for the F1 Performance Programme and the success of the programme will be determined by its' measurable contribution to your progress.

Your focus might identify:

  • A strategically critical performance target
  • An operationally challenging development or
  • A brand new initiative

It is critical to focus upon the key business benefits that are being targeted, and to ensure that current measures and desired targets are established. Our programmes are typically aligned to either:

  • Increasing Revenue
  • Protecting Revenue
  • Increasing Efficiency
Our clients often want to improve in all of these areas, but we recommend that one benefit is prioritised above the others to avoid the programme's focus being diluted. Experience shows that helping teams to improve in one specific area rapidly generates benefits across the other areas.

Benefits Framework

The Performance Framework above is used to focus even deeper by targeting the critical performance metrics that will drive your chosen winning performance, for example:

  • Increase Customers
    • Improve Conversion Rate
  • Increase Order Value
    • Add Products
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
    • Increase Customer Referrals
  • Eliminate Wastage
    • Reduce Operational Costs


To deliver a Winning Performance it is critical that the entire organisation operates in alignment with the stated performance targets.

This phase of the F1 Performance Programme is tailored to the specific needs of each client but might include initiatives to strengthen the following elements:

  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Culture
  • Dominant Mindset
  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Leadership
  • Team Alignment
  • Informal Networks
  • Open Communications
  • Performance Management
  • Behaviours
  • Problem Solving


For everyone in the organisation to contribute to a Winning Performance it is critical that teams and business functions are closely connected.

The Integration phase of the F1 Performance Programme will again be tailored to the specific needs of each client to address their specific challenges and might include:

  • Breaking Down Functional Barriers
  • Setting Common Objectives
  • Cross-Functional Team Working
  • Balancing Performance
  • Product Focus
  • Cross-Border Communications
  • Partner Integration
  • Managing Exceptionally


To succeed over the mid to long term every organisation cannot afford to stagnate. The best continue to evolve by embracing change as an undeniable ingredient of modern business life.

The Innovation phase of the F1 Performance Programme will enable your organisation to embrace change like never before.

Issues covered will typically include:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Process Ownership
  • Establishing a Creative Space
  • Accelerating Innovation
  • Avoid Crushing New Ideas
  • Micro-Improvements
  • Dominant Mindset
  • From Idea to Implementation

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