Decision Making

How Effective is Your Current Decision Making?

How Many Critical Decisions Will You Need to Make in the Next 12 Months?

Measurably improving the effectiveness of your decision making processes is a fundamental step in the acceleration of your business growth!

Improve In These Areas

No matter how successful some of your decisions have been in the past, there is always scope to improve in these critical areas:

  1. Improving the QUALITY of your decisions
  2. Improving the SPEED of your decisions
  3. Improving the YIELD from your decisions
  4. Reducing the EFFORT REQUIRED to make and implement your decisions

Decision Effectiveness

Decision Making Assessment

Many organisations suffer from:

  1. An inefficient process for decision making
  2. A culture that does not encourage great decision making
  3. Too many employees feeling divorced from the decision making process
  4. Over-reliance on a small number of senior stakeholders to make final decisions

Wouldn't it be interesting to you to benchmark your current approach to decision making against the highest performing organisations in order to glean the necessary insights to generate focused and measurable improvements.

Decision Making - Benchmarking Process

Follow this process:

  1. Read the following 20 statements in the Decision Making Effectiveness Survey
  2. Make a choice whether it will be most valuable to you to answer the statements from:
    • The overall organisational perspective
    • The senior management team perspective
    • The perspective of your specific area of responsibility
  3. Consider all the types of decision your chosen perspective has to make, from critical strategic choices to everyday operational decisions
  4. Select your answer for each statement to reflect your current perspective on the overall decision making effectiveness of your organisation
  5. Select an email address where you wish to receive your Decision Effectiveness Report

Where Can You Improve Your Decision Making?

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Review the 6 Step Model for Rapidly Improving Your Decision Making Effectiveness - CLICK HERE

Performance and Decisions - Where are the barriers to better decisions?

Implementing improvements in your decision making process must be combined with raising awareness of the current organisational barriers that hinder great decision making.

Is there a lack of clear priorities?

Does the current structure get in the way?

To better understand all of the potential barriers please review the

Performance Alignment Survey - HERE

We will be delighted to share the analysis of your survey responses with you at no cost.