Free Training Day For Your Team

Winning Teams are offering a Free Training Day to UK based organisations. We know that any team will be unable to perform at optimum levels if Solid Team Foundations have not been established.

In fact the most common root causes of under-performance can be traced back to the Team Foundations model. Explore more reasons for team under-performance here

Team Foundations Model

If one of your teams is not performing at the level you need then this single day will get them:

  • More focused
  • More aligned
  • More inspired
which will generate better measurable results in the months to come.

If you wish to explore this opportunity we only ask three things:

  1. We interview the team leader in advance for 30 minutes either face-to-face or by telephone
  2. Each team member takes 20 minutes to complete our Team Performance Benchmark Survey which remains anonymous throughout
  3. You provide the venue for the full day of training

5 Critical Steps

Our specialism lies in measuring and diagnosing team performance, and our vast experience highlights that the root causes of under-performance typically lie in one of five areas:

  1. Lack of Team Purpose, Meaning & Vision
  2. Poorly focused goals and performance measures
  3. Inappropriate leadership style
  4. Weak team communications strategy
  5. Absence of appreciation and recognition

Free Training Day Agenda

9.00am: Current Performance

  • Setting the scene

9.15am: Team Purpose

  • Establish a clear purpose and vision for a winning team performance
  • Explore the real meaning of being in this team

10.45am: Performance Goals & Measures

  • What is working and what isn't?
  • Are you focused on the best measures of performance?

12.00am: Break

12.30pm: Situational Leadership

  • Define the current stage of team development
  • What direction is required?
  • What support is required?
  • How can the team become more empowered?

1.30pm: Team Communications

  • What are the team values?
  • Where are they being compromised?
  • Where is accurate communication most critical?
  • Who takes responsibility?

2.45pm: Break

3.00pm: Appreciation & Recognition

  • Where is judgment and blame being used currently?
  • Where are successes going unnoticed?
  • How can a positive environment be sustained?

4.15pm: Short Term Performance & Action Targets

  • Building team alignment
  • Application in the workplace

5.00pm: Close

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