Team Values and Behaviours

Establishing at the earliest opportunity the core team values and a desired behaviours model is critical for every Winning Team.

What are the core values of your team?

A team building exercise all by itself, the facilitation of a team discussion on the subject of core values will be very productive in generating team alignment.

Where team members do not share common values then the scenario has been created where the root causes of under-performance can become established.

Our experiences with team values suggest that a simple objective to keep in mind is the generation of ideally the four most valued words that the team can reach agreement on and become energised by.

Some examples from teams we know include:

  • Diageo
    • Passion
    • Value
    • Freedom
    • Proud
    • Be the Best
  • Reuters
    • Passion
    • People
    • Performance
  • Virgin
    • Value
    • Quality
    • Innovation
    • Fun
    • Competitive
    • Challenge
  • Porsche
    • Technical
    • Human
    • Performance
    • Perspective
    • Environmental
  • McLaren
    • Commitment
    • Quality
    • Excellence
  • Ferrari
    • Pioneer
    • Passion
    • Successful
    • Technologies
    • Pushes Envelope
  • Winning Teams
    • Perform
    • Challenge
    • Collaborate
    • Fun

Does your team have a desired behaviours model?

Every Winning Team needs to establish a desired behaviours model within the context of the Team Purpose, Meaning & Vision. The two elements will ideally be closely intertwined.

A Winning Behaviours Model will either be focused on accelerating performance, sustaining performance or a combination of the two. To maximise the effectiveness of the designed model it is critical to ensure that any blocking performance behaviours are identified and minimised.

Our experience shows that the best way to minimise unwanted behaviour is to establish the desired behaviour and focus as much attention as possible on the creation and sustainability of that behaviour.

First of all your team needs to determine which behaviours are desirable and which are not. For example:

Accelerating Performance Behaviours Sustaining Performance Behaviours Blocking Performance Behaviours
Leading by example Tracking performance Keeping tight control over others
Taking initiative Attention to details Difficult to challenge opinions & decisions
Generating enthusiasm & energy Clarifying objectives People are openly criticised
Delegating responsibility Build loyalty & support Frustration & anger openly displayed
Strengthening relationships, internal & external Develop unity Everyone feels under pressure
Building commitment to stretch goals Treating people with dignity Conflict avoidance
Integrating activities & outputs Ensure stability & consistency of processes Negative feedback avoided
Seeking to add greater value Keep information flowing Firm commitments are avoided
Streamlining processes Making systems work together Possible to ignore responsibilities

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