Team Members - What are they really thinking?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to see directly into the minds of your team members and know exactly what they are thinking?

What would you expect to discover?

Do you think they are focusing most of their attention on either?

  • Success or failure
  • Clarity or uncertainty
  • Future or past
  • Harmony or discord
  • Appreciation or blame
  • Expansion or survival
  • Confidence or worry...
These are simple questions but knowing the answers will prove amazingly valuable to you because the answers will start to illuminate the root causes of any limitation in your team's performance!

Total Transparency

With any team that aspires to becoming a Winning Team every effort has to be made to clarify exactly where team performance is right now and then start to ask why.

Each team member has their own individual perspective and buried within each are the clues that you must gain visibility of to be an effective team leader. How each individual thinks and feels about their own contribution to team success and the team environment itself contains most of what is needed to elevate team performance to new levels.

The majority of teams suffer from a lack of openness and honesty in their communications, primarily due to a fear of failure or judgment. If you really want to lead a high performance team you must be prepared to embrace the individual perspectives of each team member whether positive or negative.

The simplest, quickest and most effective method to achieve a sharing of honest perspectives is to complete a Performance Scan Survey.
It takes less than 15 minutes online to complete yet it is proven time after time to diagnose and prioritise the issues that will have the most profound impact on measurable performance improvement once they are successfully addressed.

Anonymous Performance Survey

To break through into a new era of openness and honesty it is imperative that the outputs remain anonymous and that each team player remains confident that they will not experience any retribution for clarifying their concerns and frustrations. For this reason it is recommended that the survey process is facilitated by a trusted third party.

The Performance Scan Survey is one key element of the Winning Teams Pit Stop Process.

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