Root Cause Diagnostic Workshop

The Root Cause Diagnostic Workshop is the final stage in our Pit Stop Process and seeks to enable you to answer the following questions:

  • What are our people telling us about our current organisation?

  • Which organisational factors are currently limiting our performance?

  • Which people factors are currently limiting our performance?

  • Which factors are most relevant in the context of our current performance targets?

  • What are the potential root causes that underlie these performance limitations?

  • Where does the Pit Stop Process suggest we investigate further?

  • How do these findings match up with the current views of senior management?

  • What are the highest priority root causes that we must address?

  • Where should we start?

  • What is the value to us of meeting the performance targets that we are focusing on?

  • Do we know enough to design a tailored development programme that will address all of our needs?

  • Do we know enough to build a robust business case to address the identified issues that will deliver a positive return on investment in acceptable timescales?

  • What will be our next step?

Planning Your Own Workshop

The real value of the Root Cause Diagnostic Workshop to your organisation will be determined by the richness and quality of the data made available for analysis.

STEP ONE: Provide access to existing data for review and analysis

STEP TWO: Complete a Performance Scan Survey where appropriate

STEP THREE: Provide access to senior management for short interviews (face-to-face or by telephone)

STEP FOUR: Schedule workshop into senior management diaries

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