The Ultimate Team Can Be Found in F1

Can your team become an ultimate team?

Let's quickly explore the world of F1 to identify why their teams provide a replicable role model for building an ultimate team.

Team Purpose

Can every team member clearly explain the purpose behind the team's existence?

In F1 it is crystal clear. Each team exists to positively impact the performance of the race car.

Winning races is the strategy for every F1 business because results drive revenues, and each team within the business has a positive contribution to make:

  • R&D
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Finance
Is your team's purpose so clearly aligned to your organisation's strategy?

McLaren Team

Team Vision

The vision for each F1 team is to secure their long term future, by delivering the best race performances from one season to the next.

In the highly competitive arena that is F1 the demands of being the best are both demanding, compelling and energising for all involved. People want to be a part of something significant.

Add to that the fact that the performance of F1 teams is viewed by the largest TV audiences globally throughout the season, and team performance really starts to matter. There is no hiding place!

Your business will stall if your vision is not personal for everyone who must implement it. Only when your people can ‘taste it', ‘feel it’ and 'own it' will they personalise it and then strive to deliver the winning performance desired.

What would change in your business if the results of your team's efforts were displayed globally every two weeks?

Team Environment

Highly talented people are positioned in the most appropriate team roles and have their capabilities stretched to their limits with an expectation that they will go beyond their current experience to contribute in new and valuable ways, whilst being rewarded accordingly.

The culture of continual improvement drives innovation and the continual generation of new improvements to how things get done.

High levels of energy are maintained throughout an ultimate team and team members strive to deliver a positive impact on overall performance.

Everyone knows they are a valuable member of a much wider team (the entire organisation) and this real sense of connection and personal meaning sustains positive attitudes in the face of inevitable setbacks.

Are you driving your team towards the ultimate performance or settling for mediocrity?

Team Communications

The entire organisation is assembled for a team debriefing, two to three days after each race weekend. Analysis is given of what went well and what can be improved and each team member is challenged to uncover the next vital step forward.

Although each team will have a tightly defined remit, they fully appreciate the need to communicate clearly and continually across the organisation.

An improvement in one area could potentially have a detrimental impact in another, and the ability of the teams to continually deliver improvements in a balanced way is fuelled by their commitment to open and honest communication.

Are your teams closely connected to their customers (internal & external) or do they operate in a silo?


We have barely scratched the surface of the inner workings of an F1 team, (Discover more F1 performance secrets here) but immediately it is evident that the DNA of the team is to be the best that they can be in all circumstances.

Creating the ultimate team does not happen by accident but by design and the team principal is responsible for building a culture that aligns with ultimate performance.

You do not need F1 budgets to achieve the same in your organisation, but you do need to make a commitment to creating a compelling vision of success that wins the hearts and minds of each team member.

When your team has real purpose, unstoppable belief, burning desire and creative initiative the winning performance you desire will become inevitable.

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