Situational Team Development and Accountability

Will you be providing situational team development?

Situational team development demands that a team leader provides the appropriate balance between Direction and Support to their team relative to the team's current stage of development.

Situational Team Development

This is a team leadership framework for understanding the characteristics of high performing teams, the stages of team development, and providing continual support throughout the team's lifecycle.

Many teams fail to overcome the barriers that prevent them navigating through the Integration and High Performance stages of team development, and therefore remain stuck in the Fragmentation phase.

The framework provides a continual cycle that enables the team and team leader to adjust their style in response to changing external demands as well as their natural progression as a high performing team.

One style does not fit all, and therefore we encourage you to explore the benefits of deploying this team leadership model.

Where is the accountability?

Under-performing teams typically lack a clear and concise accountability framework, with the net result that team members can shield themselves from taking responsibility for overall team performance.

The key objectives for establishing a Team Accountability Framework (TAF) are:

  • To provide a mechanism for realising the team goals and vision
  • To hold everyone accountable for the key team priorities
  • To align those priorities with the established team performance measures
  • To ensure that all team performance indicators have a performance owner
  • To clearly communicate the vital role that each team member plays in delivering a winning performance
  • To distribute responsibilites appropriately across the team
  • To engender a team based approach to accountability
  • To minimise the development of a blame-culture

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