Winning Behaviours

“Nothing is more productive than inspired action”

Winning Teams deliver winning behaviours consistently. It is not until we engage in action that our pursuit of any performance goal can become a reality. We may believe we are focused on what we truly want, and we may believe we have the positive mindset to attain our goals but if our habitual behaviours are not in alignment with our aspirations then a winning performance will remain unobtainable.

Behaviour is positioned as the third element in the performance triad because it is almost impossible to change any existing habitual behaviour in the absence of either a clear focused vision or a positive mindset.

Tuning Performance

Winning behaviours are either focused on accelerating performance or sustaining performance, and to maximise their effectiveness it is critical to ensure that any blocking performance behaviours are minimised. For example:

Accelerating Performance Behaviours Sustaining Performance Behaviours Blocking Performance Behaviours
Leading by example Tracking performance Keeping tight control over others
Taking initiative Attention to details Difficult to challenge opinions & decisions
Generating enthusiasm & energy Clarifying objectives People are openly criticised
Delegating responsibility Build loyalty & support Frustration & anger openly displayed
Strengthening relationships, internal & external Develop unity Everyone feels under pressure
Building commitment to stretch goals Treating people with dignity Conflict avoidance
Integrating activities & outputs Ensure stability & consistency of processes Negative feedback avoided
Seeking to add greater value Keep information flowing Firm commitments are avoided
Streamlining processes Making systems work together Possible to ignore responsibilities

The origin of each blocking performance behaviour can be found to be rooted in either:
  • Focusing too much attention on what is not wanted
  • An environment that fails to sustain a positive mindset amongst its people

Our experience shows that the best path to eliminating blocking performance behaviours is to focus attention on the development of more desirable behaviours that either accelerate performance or sustain performance to maintain the optimum balance between the two in alignment with your focused vision of an overall winning performance.

Inspired behaviours generate the highest levels of performance and it is no accident that the world class performers in any endeavour are engaged in activities in which:

  • They love to participate
  • They can exploit their natural talents
  • They remain inspired to deliver their best at every opportunity
  • They consistently seek opportunities for continual incremental improvement

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No matter how well your teams are performing today there is always scope for performance improvement and the simplest process for delivering it requires that you:

  • Continually sharpen the FOCUS of what is wanted and keep everyone’s attention on it
  • Continually strengthen the MINDSET of ‘I CAN/WE CAN’
  • Continually ingrain desired BEHAVIOURS that provide the optimum balance between accelerating and sustaining performance

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