Fuelling Ultimate Performance

Is your working day haunted by the feeling of there not being enough time available to enable you to perform each task to the best of your ability?

Does it feel like a constant struggle to maximise the full potential of your team members?

Every organisation is operating under intense pressure right now and the timing has never been more appropriate to really focus in on the critical factors that drive measurable performance improvement.

What really fuels performance in your organisation, in fact in any situation?

Talent? Application? Effort? Skills? Commitment? Perseverance? Values? Time? ……

They all play a role but the simplest and most powerful answer is ENERGY.

Our entire environment is crammed full of potential energy, yet some people tap into that potential easily and others remain disconnected to the point of depression. The critical thing to notice is that each of us as individuals can directly influence the amount of energy available to us in any given moment.

Performance energy has four key components:

  1. Physical Energy – The quantity of potential energy (High to Low)
  2. Emotional Energy - The quality of potential energy (Positive to Negative)
  3. Mental Energy - The focus of potential energy (Narrow to Broad)
  4. Spiritual Energy - The force of potential energy (Serving Others to Self-Centred)

What inhibits positive energy?

Ingrained habits, personal and organisational, that block, distort, waste, diminish, deplete and contaminate the potential energy capacity that is always available to deliver an ultimate performance.

In a hectic working environment, it can be challenging to identify the existing patterns and habits of your people, as emphasis traditionally remains focused on the quantity of effort and output. If these ingrained habits and patterns continue to be ignored you will be condemning your organisation to never being able to fulfil its’ full potential.

Why is energy capacity so critical?

Energy operates in real-time. You can be positively energised as you focus on a specific task, only to be interrupted by a new email in your inbox which shifts your focus, generates a change in emotion and impacts your current performance.

Your working day is full of distractions but the development of positive energy rituals – for example not opening emails until 10.00am – will enable you to maintain high levels of positive energy for longer periods and as a result improve your performance. The capacity of your organisation to generate and leverage energy in the current moment will have the most profound impact on business performance.

Two Key Tips:

  1. Start to build energy capacity by pushing beyond existing limits in targeted areas, for example:
    • Physical – Improve sleep patterns, eat better, exercise more
    • Emotional – Trust more, be more patient, be more open
    • Mental – Mentally prepare in advance, visualise, develop positive self-talk
    • Spiritual – Be honest, build integrity, be more courageous
  2. Ensure you sustain your enhanced energy capacity by balancing energy expenditure with appropriate energy renewal

Changing habits is never easy, but the appropriate application of positive energy rituals is the most effective answer.

Key Steps to Take:

  1. Identify where you need to build your energy levels
  2. Establish a strong purpose and identify the key values that will drive your performance
  3. Be accountable and make your progress measurable
    • Increase Revenue
    • Protect Revenue
    • Increase Efficiency
  4. Build new positive energy rituals one step at a time, let success build upon success
  5. Monitor the rapid improvements available when potential energy is fully utilised to fuel your performance

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