The New Marriage - Chaos and Collaboration

The economy is tough and many people have had a challenging time since 2010 began. However we could also use this as an opportunity for men and women to work together in a wholly different way.

Given such chaos from volcanic disruption to political re-election where the outcome is uncertain, maybe this is the right time to create a new blueprint for business and life. Why don't we live and work in balance with our biological blueprint, men and women living and creating a collaborative strength together? Bringing the natural wholeness of yin and yang together has been a powerful philosophy in the east. Following our hearts for once maybe the best way to elect our leaders both at work and at play.

There is good evidence that working from the heart counts more when it comes to good business sense! (View the video from a wise man, Roger Steare, at the bottom of this newsletter)

At Corporate Heart, (Performance specialists partnering with Winning Teams) we help our clients work from their hearts and their heads to initiate robust action with intention, creating a healthier way of working that is more inclusive and embraces positivity, abundance and collaboration.

So what is your 'heart' intention in this current marketplace?

Do you set out an intention to inspire your teams and bring real value not only to your balance sheet but your business success and your people's health and happiness? How easily do you make this happen - or do people get in your way?

We have been working with many leaders, entrepreneurs, men and women, and their teams during this last quarter. Our clients are amazed to learn that all they need lies within them. Their passions and natural talents are awakened to bring a renewed energy to their work.

"Gender Dynamics makes the difference" so our clients say ...

Enhancing their natural talents, we also observe our clients varying by gender dynamics type. Men work best as independent, task-focused, team players, while most women are more focused on involvement, engagement and relationship building within their teams.

One aspect we have become more aware of is that as women strive to build progressive careers as well as have families, they often bury their emotional needs in order to create order in their life. Nowadays there is constant disruption in all our lives. Business does not always cater for emotion outbursts and perceives women as fragile.

Emotion is key for business service success...

Men and women vary in their observable emotional responses. Nowadays many women for example are more naturally 'masculine' in their brain functions and can deliver a logical, less emotional, style that suits many male boardrooms. However the more 'feminine' natured man or woman can bring a much needed empathy and compassion to business that is very useful in pressured time.

Corporate Heart has developed a practical Gender Dynamics blueprint that clarifies how to communicate between the full range of male and female styles, including 'masculine' to 'feminine' traits within each gender, to build a comprehensive dialogue - a new 'gender dynamic' language - into the business usage. Managing our emotions and our relationships, across this male- female spectrum, is key to business in the next decade and beyond. To do this we need an insight into what is possible and what future success could be if we do things differently.

Our clients want to shift the story of their business success...

By doing things differently - Changing our energy; changing our attitudes; changing our conversations.

Corporate Heart is leading the way with 'magical conversations' to engage hearts and minds, to draw new boundaries about what the markets need and to re assess "what customers want." We seek to ensure that everyone is heard, men and women alike, from a new perspective that builds a better, healthier more integrated future for all.